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"My Academy is my home, my heart and my life" - Jean-Christophe Novelli

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Jean-Christophe Novelli tells us all about his Cookery School, Novelli Academy, located in the picturesque village of Tea Green, Hertfordshire.

Why did you decide to offer cookery courses?

Having had several restaurants in the past, I missed the direct contact from the customers and found that the best way of passing on my passion for cooking was to create my own cookery courses, they give me that fabulous feeling of achievement when I see people's reactions.

What do you hope to achieve for the attendees to your cooking school?

In my cooking academy, I hope that everyone who attends, leaves me having had an experience that they will not forget for a while and most of all have enjoyed themselves. Otherwise what is the point? Food should be an experience and not just a means to survive and showing people in my cooking school is the perfect platform.

Who are your cooking classes aimed at?

My classes are aimed are all kinds of people, those of you who are passionate about cooking, those who just enjoy eating and for those of you who keen to learn about all aspects of cooking, I have a class that is perfect for you. Whether an amateur wishing to improve your skills or a professional looking for inspiration, our cooking classes will help you, I am sure.

Why do you like to base your cooking school at your home?

A cooking school based at home is something that is not the norm but it gives me the chance to welcome people into my personal space. Having the school at home also allows me to combine my working life with my home life and permits me to spend more time with my family, without having to rush out early from a course.

Which is your favourite cooking course and why?

To have a favourite cooking course is like having to pick a favourite child but my current favourite is one based around my new book which is flying off the shelves “Simply Novelli” which is available direct from my new Novelli Boutique on this site or to download from most App stores under Relish Books App.

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