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"My Academy is my home, my heart and my life" - Jean-Christophe Novelli

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Waking Hours Sunday Independent Ireland

My morning normally starts at four o’clock when our baby, Jean,leaves his bedroom and comes into our bed. I give my boy my position in the bed and I put some pillows at the side, so that he doesn't fall out. Then I take my mobile phone and I go quietly to his bedroom, where I sleep a little more.

We live in the countryside, just at the back of Luton airport. I’d never lived in the countryside before. The beauty about it is that you see the four seasons and all the changes and the moods of nature.

The dogs wake me up. As a boy, I always wanted to have a dog, but I couldn’t have one. My mum did not have the energy for one and my dad was always away working. We lived in one

room so there was no way that we could have a pet — not even a cat or a mouse. Therefore, when I had the chance I went to extremes; I have 20 dogs now. I have separated the dogs into couples because the bitches don’t agree and they fight

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