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"My Academy is my home, my heart and my life" - Jean-Christophe Novelli

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Resident Chef Courses

Resident Chef Courses

Here we try to introduce you to food and styles from around the world including Italian, French, Mediterranean, African and Baking to name just a few but all courses have been designed by me and my Chefs working together to maintain my high standards.

These days have proven to be most enjoyable with some visitors coming three or four times a year and forever expanding their culinary horizons.

Time permitting, I try and say hello and get involved in the fun at some point too.

Hands on courses

  • A Taste of Africa

    from £195.00

    Tastes of Africa Imagine delicious peanut butter soupy stews, fragrant tagines, sumptuous salads and ways with plantain, yams and cassava. From vegans to meat lovers, these spicy, fusion of foods, will expand your cooking skills. This is truly an... (more)

     A Taste of Africa
  • ** NEW FOR 2018** Cake Decorating Masterclass with Natasha Brown

    from £195.00

    Come along and master the art of cake decorating with our fantastic new resident chef Natasha Brown. We will be covering a range of different themes including Valentines, Hen Party, Birthdays and Christmas. *Please check the theme with your... (more)

    ** NEW FOR 2018** Cake Decorating Masterclass with Natasha Brown
  • ***NEW FOR 2018*** The Perfect Pasta

    from £195.00

    Are you a pasta – holic? Is this all you can cook? Do you know your fettuccine from your fusilli or your penne from your ravioli? Then join us at the Novelli Academy. Our pasta dishes are quick, easy and taste divine. Learn to make traditional... (more)

    ***NEW FOR 2018*** The Perfect Pasta
  • **NEW FOR 2018** Knife Skills - The Perfect Technique

    This bespoke course will teach you skills for life. Simplify your cooking skills by learning the essential cooking techniques to help you in the kitchen. Not only will our chef teach you how to slice, dice and peel without wasting your... (more)

    **NEW FOR 2018** Knife Skills - The Perfect Technique
  • *NEW* - Best of British with a Modern Twist

    from £195.00

    To help celebrate the 10th anniversary year of the Novelli Academy, Jean-Christophe and our resident chef have created a revised version of the very popular "Best of British" course that has been running for some years and put a slight twist on the... (more)

    *NEW* - Best of British with a Modern Twist
  • *NEW* - Making Luxury Chocolates

    from £195.00

    *NEW* introductory course designed by our specialist Chocolatier with inspiration from Jean-Christophe to explain to our guests the history of chocolate, the flavours created by introducing certain spices and natural ingredients and how to work with... (more)

    *NEW* - Making Luxury Chocolates
  • A Plate in The Sun

    Having a deep rooted passion for all things spice, Jean-Christophe has teamed up again with one of his resident Chefs Patti Sloley to create a fantastic course based on spices from around the world. Patti will explain to our guests the origins of... (more)

    A Plate in The Sun
  • A Taste of Tuscany

    Picture yourself in the rolling green vineyards of the North – West coast of Italy Imagine sitting in the shades of a local taverna, sipping a glass of chianti and indulging in fine, homemade Italian recipes. This course will have you making... (more)

    A Taste of Tuscany
  • A Tour of Italy

    from £195.00

    *NEW* for 2018, Jean Christophe and Felice have created this mouthwatering course for everything Italian. Whether its using the tomatoes from the South or the Prosciutto from the North, Felice will use it to show you some of the truly fantastic... (more)

    A Tour of Italy
  • An Easy Guide to Indian Cooking

    from £195.00

    If you have always wanted to cook Indian food, but not had the confidence in the kitchen, then this course will give you the opportunity to discover how easy and delicious Indian cuisine can be. Classic Indian food is vibrant, spicy, fragrant and... (more)

    An Easy Guide to Indian Cooking
  • Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea

    from £195.00

    Take a dive in the deep end with this fabulously refreshing course. Learn to cook a variety of seafood properly, without over cooking - rubber fishes are for jokes only. Taking inspiration from around the globe, let our chefs guide you in... (more)

    Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea
  • Dinner Party

    from £195.00

    If you lack the confidence to entertain guests then look no further than this course. You will be shown techniques and tips by one of our resident chefs that will only impress you and more importantly your guests! The dishes may sound... (more)

    Dinner Party
  • French Patisserie

    from £195.00

    Every sweet lovers dream – take away with you the skill of a French patisserie master, and you will never look back. Create the finest pastry, the most delectable truffles, and tarte tatins that will tempt your taste buds. Using only the most... (more)

    French Patisserie
  • Oriental Cuisine Made Easy

    from £195.00

    Oriental food is delicious and many recipes take only minutes to prepare. If you would like to cook authentic oriental food, this one-day course - created by our specialist Chef with the help and guidance of Jean-Christophe Novelli - will be the... (more)

    Oriental Cuisine Made Easy


  • **NEW FOR 2018** - Spices of the World Mini Course

    Come on a fun spice journey and experience a world of beautiful flavours! This course will take you on a mind trip through different countries and cultures, leading you to their culinary secrets, packed with information on their health benefits as... (more)

    **NEW FOR 2018** - Spices of the World Mini Course