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Jean Christophe Novelli on gifts for foodies - The Telegraph

Gastrolux pots and pans

They’re the absolute best and will be a real treat for a keen cook. They’re perfectly non-stick and come with glass lids so you can actually see what’s going on. But the biggest advantage is that they are solid – so they absorb a lot of heat – without being too heavy.

Richardson’s bespoke hamper

There is a tiny shop in Cumbria called Richardson’s that specialises in creating incredible hampers of wine, food and coffee from £25 to £200. You can personally tailor your order and the guy who runs the shop, Gerard Richardson, only buys the best of the best, not just in Britain but in the whole world. Your foodie friend will get stuff they’ve probably never seen in their life!


They make a great gift because people don’t seem to buy them for themselves and yet you can get them almost anywhere. I’d recommend giving a little selection: Madagascan vanilla, which is subtle, fragrant and goes with everything; cinnamon because it makes your house smell of Christmas; and La Chinata smoked paprika, which is unbelievable. Put it on spinach or any greens for a really deep, mature flavour.

‘A plate in the sun’

Patti Sloley’s new book will be perfect for those who like trying food from different cultures. She has created a wonderful collection of recipes based on ideas from around Africa and in particular from her native Ghana. Everything in there is really tasty and the recipes are easy to follow.

Christmas Market trip

If you really want to spoil a foodie, send them on a break to one of the European Christmas markets where they will be able to sample all sorts of treats. Munich and Cologne have great markets, but I personally like Vienna best. Tell your foodie to pop into Hotel Sacher for a piece of authentic Sachertorte (rich dark chocolate cake) served with whipped cream.