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The Stone Bake Oven Company

About The Stone Bake Oven Company -

With a history of hand building brick wood fired ovens, the Stone Bake Oven Company spotted a gap in the market for high quality, affordable, hand-cast wood fired ovens. Since setting up in 2009, the award winning Stone Bake Oven Company have received praise from national publications such as the Telegraph and the Guardian and can now be found in homes and restaurants across the world.

The Stone Bake Oven Company’s range of wood fired ovens are made in the UK from only the finest refractory materials. Each oven is engineered to ensure excellent heat conduction and heat retention, whilst Micro Mesh Technology exclusive to the Stone Bake Oven Company reinforces the oven throughout, to ensure its structural integrity.

Unlike other ovens on the market, a Stone Bake Oven is specifically designed for its purpose in every way, utilising modern technology to give the user an experience, unlike any other. You will not find a better wood fired oven on the market. The Stone Bake Oven range is also environmentally conscious and boasts excellent fuel efficiency. Each Stone Bake Oven has been hand-cast with care in England for a reliable product to last for years to come.

—Tom Gozney, Managing Director.