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"My Academy is my home, my heart and my life" - Jean-Christophe Novelli

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Breakfast and Brunch

Breakfast and Brunch

A varied selection of fresh ideas, these recipes are quick to prepare and the ideal way to start your day.

These recipes include...

  • Apple and Cinnamon Crepes
  • Baked Spiced Clementines

    This dish always reminds me of Christmas and, indeed, it is best made with slightly overripe clementines, the ones no one ever eats in the overflowing fruit bowl at Christmas. It makes a great breakfast dish (omitting the alcohol), but you can also... (more)

    Baked Spiced Clementines
  • Brioche

    The smell of homemade brioche is wonderful and the taste is even better. Serve it in slices for breakfast or tea and, if you have any left over the next day, use it to make the best ever bread and butter pudding. The brioche will freeze well. (more)

  • Crouchmoor Farm Breakfast

    Once in a while at the farm – on a day when we can take our time – we indulge in what we call our Crouchmoor Farm Breakfast. It is a great favourite of mine. It makes a leisurely start, especially if there are no classes at the academy or other... (more)

    Crouchmoor Farm Breakfast
  • My Garden Jam

    This is an anytime jam that can be made from fresh or frozen raspberries. Serve with homemade scones or use it as a filling for cakes, like Victoria sandwich, and tarts. You will need a cook’s thermometer for this recipe. (more)

    My Garden Jam
  • Spiced Aubergine Wrapped in Parma Ham

    When buying aubergines make sure they are firm to touch and free from bruising, and that they have a fresh-looking green stalk.This is a stunning dish and the flavours of Parma ham and cheese blend so well together. When making the roux, using... (more)

    Spiced Aubergine Wrapped in Parma Ham
  • Spiced Mixed Berries with Yogurt

    I make this a lot when the soft summer fruits are in season. I am lucky enough to be able to pick them from my own garden. The spices bring this dish to life and if you leave it to mellow overnight the flavours are even more enhanced. It is a... (more)

    Spiced Mixed Berries with Yogurt