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Linseed Bread Rolls

Linseed Bread Rolls

Remember that the dough will finish rising once in the oven so always better to cook just before full prove is reached. The dough can be made and then risen in the fridge if you are short on time then brought out of the fridge when you are ready to start again. Adding ground linseed increases the volume of the bread. You can omit the semolina if you don't have it, but it does add texture to the finished bread.

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Oven Set at 200˚c for pre heat. This is then turned down to about 190˚c for the final cooking. Have the oven hotter than you need at the start because as you are fiddling about getting the tray in you are loosing temperature. So by the time the oven door is shut it will be around the 190˚c mark.

1. Mix the flour, linseed and semolina then add the yeast.

2. Add the salt and flora and rub in. Add most of the water and combine in the bowl with a scraper until it has formed a sticky dough. Additional water may required.

3. Tip out onto your work top (don’t be tempted to dust the surface with extra flour).

4. Start by folding the dough over on itself to make an air pocket. Repeat this until the dough comes together about 5 minutes should do it.

5. Now slightly flour the surface place the dough into the centre and fold the edges into the middle to produce a soft floured ball.

6. Place into a bowl cover with a slightly damp clean tea towel or oiled cling film, allow to rest for about 1hr in a draught free place or until nearly double in volume.

7. Turn out carefully onto the surface and divide as required.

8. Place onto a well floured baking sheet and allow to prove until almost double in size again.

9. Place into pre heated oven and spray with a little water continue to cook until golden brown.

10. To test if cooked remove one and tap the bottom, if it sounds hollow it's done.

Remove and place onto a cooling wire.


  • 500g Strong bread flour
  • 30g Semolina
  • 15g Fast action yeast
  • 10g Salt
  • 50gm Flora buttery
  • 350ml Warm water
  • 10g Ground Linseed