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Smoked Salmon Roulade with Watermelon - Serves 4

Smoked Salmon Roulade with Watermelon

Here you can Enjoy Episode 1 of the o2 Christmas Special Recipes with Jean-Christophe Novelli.


On a large sheet of clingfilm on a flat surface lay out the thinly sliced smoked salmon to approx. 30cm square.

In a mixing bowl mix the Cream Cheese with the horseradish sauce, a squeeze of lemon and lime juice from half a lemon (no pips), half a lime and a little cracked black pepper. Mix gently and put into a piping bag.

Pipe a thick amount of the cheese mixture across the width of the smoked salmon approximately 5cm from one end.

Lifting the clingfilm at the same end as the piped cream cheese, carefully lift over the cheese and start rolling the smoked salmon creating a roulade. Twist the ends of the clingfilm tightly and refrigerate until required.

In another mixing bowl, place the capers and white wine vinegar and mix, keep to one side

On a chopping board and using a sharp long knife, cut the cucumber lengthways into quarters. Then dice the slices into 1cm dices, trying to keep all cuts the same size as the pomegranate seeds and place in a bowl.

In a ramekin bowl put the Balsamic reduction and add a couple of drops of vinegar to create a paste that can be dropped on a plate.

In a blender, put the watercress with a little lime juice and a drizzle of oil and blend to a paste.

When ready remove the clingfilm from the roulade, trim the ends and place the roulade on a large decorative plate.

Using a spoon swirl a line of balsamic reduction and another swirl of watercress paste around the roulade.

Sprinkle some capers and diced cucumber with pomegranate around the roulade.

Using your fingers, brush the roulade with little oil.

Carefully place a few of the micro herbs over the roulade and around the plate.

Decorate with slices of lemons and limes.


1 x Babywatermelon

2 x PacksLongslicedsmokedsalmon

300g Creamcheese

1 Tbsp Creamed Horseradish Sauce

1 x Tub Micro herbs ideally garlic chives, pea shoots

1 bag micro Watercress.

1 x Unwaxed Lemon

2 tbsps Tiny Capers

1 tsp White wine vinegar

2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar reduction–to dress the plate

1 x Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil

Seasoning to taste

Preparation time: 20